What is going on inside the cat's "dying life"? I couldn't help but cry after reading it


What do cats think before they pass away after spending over a decade with their owners?

1."I hope my owner won't be sad for too long"

2."Please adopt another cat to keep you company after I'm gone"

3."I regret not being braver to explore the world outside"

4."Thank you for taking good care of me all these years"

5."Let me take one last look at my beloved owner, I will always remember your face"

6."I'm really leaving, but I will continue to protect you on Meow Star"

How can we help our cats stay healthy and live longer?

1.Administer regular deworming and vaccinations to our cats.

2.Encourage appropriate exercise for our cats.

3.Provide them with a proper diet, as it has a significant impact on their well-being.



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