Becoming a spirit? Mom was surprised to see her tabby cat "drinking water with a straw" when she turned her head, but behind it was actually a big onion.

A small action full of love. Recently, pet owner Qiu Huimin discovered that her tabby cat "Xue Di" was secretly trying to learn how to use a straw to drink water like a human. He even prepared to grab the straw, looking cute and funny.

However, Qiu's mother revealed that their 18-year-old dog "Duo Duo", who had been with Xue Di for six years, could no longer eat or drink on its own due to its age. Qiu's mother needed to use a straw to slowly drip water into Duo Duo's mouth. At that time, Xue Di was accompanying their elderly dog, helping it drink water. When she turned her head, she saw Xue Di learning to use a straw, seemingly imitating her mother's care for Duo Duo. The warm and adorable scene touched her heart.

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