When the friend jumped into the river from the bridge, the dog initially tried to persuade him/her with kind words, but eventually scolded and went to rescue him/her!

A netizen went to the river with his/her dog and a friend one day. The friend was playing very excitedly and planned to jump into the river from the bridge! The dog was nervous when it saw this dangerous behavior and kept calling out to the friend, warning that this behavior was very dangerous! However, the friend did not listen to the dog's advice and jumped into the river. At this point, the dog panicked and immediately ran towards the river! Without any hesitation, the dog jumped into the river to confirm that the friend was safe, and only then did its worried heart calm down! Dogs really worry about humans! If it could speak, it would probably start scolding right away! "Don't jump, don't jump, please don't jump!" What are you doing! You actually jumped! I'm here to save you, I'm here!"

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