It turns out that when a cat "raises its butt" towards you, it is giving you a hint, but many people don't understand it.


1.Indicates affection towards you; the cat is half-laid, with its butt raised towards you while its body becomes very soft.

2.Wants you to lick its butt like a mother cat; this is a unique intimate behavior between a mother cat and her kittens.

3.Indicates trust in you and can surrender itself; it knows that you will not harm it and will protect it.

4.Indicates that its butt is itchy and wants you to help scratch it; did you understand?

5.Indicates anger and wants you to comfort it.

6.Wants you to pat its butt; there is an acupoint at the base of a cat's tail, and when lightly tapped, the cat will feel comfortable.



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