The neighbor's Ragdoll cat suddenly knocked on the door, and when the homeowners opened it, they realized that its owner had moved away.

Moving to a new home, people usually remember to take everything with them. But why would they forget their furry companions? A case of abandoning pets during relocation was reported in Virginia, USA. One family found their neighbor's Ragdoll cat meowing loudly outside their window. When they opened the door, they discovered something serious.

It turned out that the cat's family had moved away, leaving it behind to fend for itself. Fortunately, the cat was smart enough to seek help from their neighbors and was rescued. However, the male homeowner was allergic to cats and couldn't keep it. The cat was sent to a halfway home temporarily.

Fortunately, the foster mom at the halfway home decided to adopt the cat, so it could finally find a warm and loving home after being abandoned by its former owners during a move.

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