Attention pet owners! These 8 types of water "should not be given to dogs for a long time", according to veterinarians. Long-term consumption of these can be fatal to your dog!

Dogs need a lot of water to drink, especially in the summer. When they go for a walk outside, they get thirsty and pant with their tongues hanging out, and saliva drips continuously. However, giving dogs water is also a science, as there are 8 types of water that should not be given to dogs for a long time. According to veterinarians, long-term consumption of these types of water is equivalent to slow suicide.


2.Alcoholic beverages

3.Very hot water

4.Mineral water




8.Pool water

Remember to prepare enough water for your dog, especially in the summer when dogs need to replenish water frequently. Also, remember to change the water regularly to keep it clean.

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