Half a month after the netizen moved, he was surprised to find a stray cat waiting at his door: "You left without saying goodbye, I've been looking for you for so long."

A netizen likes to feed stray cats, and there are often stray cats in the area near his home. The netizen is particularly familiar with this tabby cat which looks quite cute and clever. He had intended to adopt it, but the cat seemed happy to be a stray and would leave after eating.

Earlier this year, the netizen had to move away from his original home and he was worried about what would happen to the stray cats. However, less than half a month after moving, the netizen saw the tabby cat waiting at his new home. Despite being surprised, the netizen recognized the cat and felt that it must have found him. The cat looked unhappy and seemed to be complaining with its eyes, as if saying, "Why didn't you let me know you were moving? Now I had to come all this way to find you."

The netizen felt that this was fate and decided to adopt the cat into his home.

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