The dog carried all her toys onto the bed, and when her owner went over to take a look, she burst out laughing: the dog was trying to put her dolls to sleep!

A dog named Xiao Mai lived with her owner, who treated her like a little girl. Xiao Mai was very well-behaved and loved to play with dolls. Her owner had bought her many dolls over the years, but she never chewed any of them up. Xiao Mai was very gentle.

One day, her owner saw Xiao Mai busily playing with her dolls again. She watched as Xiao Mai picked up each doll and carefully placed them on the bed. Curious about what Xiao Mai was doing, her owner went over to take a closer look.

To her surprise, she saw that Xiao Mai had arranged all the dolls neatly in the middle of the pillow. Then, she stood silently beside them, as if trying to put them to sleep!

It turned out that even dogs can play house!

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