A friend has a "strangely unique" little cat at home, and when it turned its head slightly, it made the whole internet laugh: "How heavy are those dark circles under its eyes?"


Here's a netizen's personal experience:

When I went to my friend's house, I saw the back of a cat as soon as I entered. It looked like a cute cat from behind, and I was about to go over and take a closer look when it turned its head and looked at me!

That one turn of its head made me burst out laughing! My friend joked that his cat is a night owl and stays up late all the time, which caused it to develop dark circles under its eyes. He told me to avoid staying up too late in the future or I would end up like the cat!

The cat seemed unfazed by my laughter, as if saying, "What are you laughing at? Have you never seen a panda cat before?" I couldn't stop laughing and the cat seemed a little helpless.

Hahaha, I totally understand how this netizen feels! The dark circles around the little guy's eyes are so funny! Those big dark bags under its eyes really make it look like a panda cat. Are you sure they weren't caused by staying up late every night? I bet the cat's owner must laugh until their abs hurt every time they see their pet's face. This is truly a cute and entertaining pet!



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